DXN recognises that its employees are one of its important assets. DXN employees are granted fair and equitable terms of employment besides being offered equal opportunities for career advancement based on performance, experience and academic qualification irregardless of race and gender. DXN constantly upgrades its employees’ skills and knowledge, enhancing the individual’s competency.

DXN employees’ safety and health in the workplace are one of its priorities and never compromised. On-going training, counseling and industrial accident prevention programs are constantly held to ensure a higher level of awareness of safety requirements are being disseminated to all employees at all levels. Emergency response teams are formed to evacuate and provide aid during emergencies.

DXN also recruits students from universities, colleges and technical schools as part of DXN’s internship program for the students’ industrial and practical training experience.

DXN’s employees are encouraged to perform at their optimum and to constantly share their talents and skills for the benefit of the company. High quality hardware and software are purchased, when required by the employees, so as to ensure maximum output.

However, provisions are made for rest and relaxation and to show appreciation for the employees’ dedication and hard work. Team-building camps are organized at resorts to build rapport among its staff and to enhance knowledge. Company trips around Malaysia, and to countries like Thailand, have also been organized to reward the staff for their contributions.

Starting from January 2019, an internal monthly newsletter for the employees was launched. With this newsletter, the employees are given informative tips to improve their work and to enhance their general knowledge. They can also learn of all the recent happenings and developments within the company.

During all major festivals, luncheons and dinners are organized for all DXN employees. One of these is the Hari Raya luncheon, titled “Glam Raya” on 29 June 2018, organized for employees from the DXN Farm and Factory. For the DXN employees in DXN Alor Setar, an Annual Dinner, with the theme of “Fairytale Magic Comes Alive Tonight” was organized on 19 January 2019. During these luncheons and dinners, DXN employees are recognized for their performance and loyalty, with long service and best attendance certificates being handed out to the deserving employees. Lavish lucky draw gifts are also handed out during these events. On 22nd February 2019, DXN entertained their employees and distributors by inviting a lion dance troupe to perform. Everyone was then treated to some light refreshments. These kinds of events serve as a break from the monotony of work and create a sense of excitement for the employees.

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