The company advocates the consumption of health food supplements not as a means to supersede all medicinal treatment but to complement it as well as to act as a preventive measure. To further protect the customers’ interest, DXN has insured its product with a RM4 million product liability insurance coverage for its worldwide customers against the risk of consumption. This is a testament of DXN’s commitment to ensure that it is reliable and trusted by its customers all over the world.

The introduction of DXN’s online system allows DXN’s customers and members to keep track of their transactions and earnings. The online order system also eases purchase of products. A consumer at any part of the world can order DXN products online and have it delivered to their homes within a short period of time. This online system has contributed significantly to a boost in the demand for DXN products and an increase in the sales of the products locally and overseas.

Information Technology is also widely used in the manufacturing process. To ensure efficient control of the inventory level, the company established a system that keeps track of the inventory level of the raw materials so that sufficient buffer is maintained in line with DXN’s “Just in Time” Practice. This prevents wastage of materials and products and ensures the quality of the materials are maintained at a maximum level.